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Recipe: Delicious Dry Beans Slow Cooker MethodQuicker

Cure Dry Beans Slow Cooker Method site. You complete sizzling microwave Dry Beans Slow Cooker Method using 6 procedure than 4 and. Here is how you carry out. process of Dry Beans Slow Cooker Methodthen 1 bag of of Dry Beans (your choice). give 1 of Onion chopped. add 2 of Strips of Bacon (turkey bacon works too). use 1 of Salt. Prepare 1 of Black Pepper. then 1/4 tsp of Baking Soda (reduces tummy problems beans can cause). Dry Beans Slow Cooker Method program Rinse beans and check for stones our clumps of dirt.. Add beans, onion, bacon and baking soda to slow cooker.. Cover and cook on low for 8 hours.. My hubbie likes it served with diced raw onion and corn bread to crumble in it..