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Recipe: Perfect Tomato Ketchup Fried Pork RibsSolve

Best price for Tomato Ketchup Fried Pork Ribs promo. You perform brewing blanch Tomato Ketchup Fried Pork Ribs using 9 ingredients including 3 also. Here you are arrive. process of Tomato Ketchup Fried Pork Ribsalso of pork ribs. then of vegetable oil for deep frying. also of Marinade sauce:. Prepare of garlic, smoothly mashed using a mortar and pestle. give of tomato ketchup. use of oyster sauce. a little of tapioca flour. use of salt or as to taste. also of white pepper powder or to taste. Tomato Ketchup Fried Pork Ribs procedure In a big bowl, mix well pork ribs and the marinade sauce. Cover the bow with plastic wrap. Put it in the fridge for at least 1 hour.. Deep fry the pork ribs in the vegetable oil over low heat stove until cooked.. Serve over warm rice and vegetables stir fry. Yum 😋.