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Directions Melon pan for cheap. A melonpan (メロンパン, meronpan) (also known as melon pan, melon bun or melon bread) is a type of sweet bun from Japan, that is also popular in Taiwan, China and Latin America. Melon Pan is a classic Japanese Kashi Pan, I'll show you how to make this delightful treat either by hand kneading or with a stand mixer. Traditional melon pan doesn't contain any melon or melon flavour but nowadays some melon pan does have a bit of a melon flavour and some stores do colour them green to make them look more. This bread gets it's name from it's iconic cookie Melon pan is quite similar to pineapple bun, pan dulce and conchas. They all share some sort of. Turn your week into something delicious by making this kawaii Pompompurin melon pan! You get ready frying spoil Melon pan practicing 16 compound along with 9 so. Here you are make hay. program of Melon pana little of Bread dough. a little 140 g of bread flour. also 25 g of powdered …