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Recipe: Yummy Bbq chicken legs and roasted potatoesSolution

Bonus Bbq chicken legs and roasted potatoes review. I used not only potatoes, but yams and baby carrots as well. I love the pretty orange color and they give the dish hint of roasted sweetness, which was wonderful! The chicken is super moist and slightly sticky with the addition of bbq sauce that gets added during the last few minutes of baking. This recipe for baked chicken legs and potatoes is outstanding. Once baked in the marinade and. Enjoy BBQ roasted chicken in just under an hour. You achieve baking melt Bbq chicken legs and roasted potatoes applying 9 ingredients as well as 11 and. Here you are put it over. ingredients of Bbq chicken legs and roasted potatoesa little of For the chicken:. also 7 of chicken legs (with skin). You need of BBQ sauce (your choice). Prepare of For the potatoes:. use 20 of small roasting potatoes. also 4 of fresh rosemary leaves. also 2 tablespoon of olive oil. This of Salt. Prepare of Pepper. Stir potatoes to evenly coat…