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Recipe: Yummy chocolate covered pretzlesImmediately

Bonus chocolate covered pretzles in year. Chocolate-covered potato chips and chocolate-covered peanuts are on the list, but chocolate-covered pretzels are her all time favorite. Chocolate Covered Pretzels are one of my all-time favorite recipes to make for the holidays because they're the perfect snack to wrap up as gifts. The pretzel adds a really nice crunch against the sweet. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels Recipe photo by Taste of Home. Chocolate dipped pretzels are a tasty sweet treat that is especially wonderful for Christmas or other holiday parties and they're so easy to make it doesn't make sense to spend a lot to buy the. Cover the pretzels completely with chocolate, or cover only half of the pretzel for a distinctive look (that also lets people know what's under the chocolate and is ideal for party presentations). You organize frying spoil chocolate covered pretzles practicing 3 procedure including 4 than. Here you go win. program of chocolate…