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Recipe: Delicious Yee mee(dry noddles) with chickenEasily

Budget Yee mee(dry noddles) with chicken for cheap. A simpler version of stir fry noodles with chicken (Mee Goreng) that can be easily done when you're short in time but still want to have a home cooked meal. I feel it gives that extra flavour and the most important thing is, the meat doesn't dry on you. You can use chicken breast, just cook it in less time. A fresh, chewy noodle with a particularly robust texture and deep yellow colour thanks to the presence of alkaline agents, these resemble thick. Wuhan noodle is known as Hot and Dry noodles (热干面) in Chinese, mainly describing the texture. The main seasoning is tuned sesame paste. You move sizzling imbue Yee mee(dry noddles) with chicken applying 12 prescription furthermore 6 also. Here is how you make it. ingredients of Yee mee(dry noddles) with chickengive 1 of big pack of yee mee or any dry noodles. then 500 gm of Chicken breast : cut into thin long slices. You need of Chicken cube or chicken stock 3…