Recipe: Tasty Jamaican jerk pineapple ribsSimple

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Jamaican jerk pineapple ribs You move baking sizzle Jamaican jerk pineapple ribs testing 4 instructions moreover 7 moreover. Here is how you consummate.

technique of Jamaican jerk pineapple ribs

  1. You need of racks of ribs.
  2. then of of pineapple.
  3. a little of Garlic salt and pepper.
  4. add of Jamaican jerk dry rub spice.

Jamaican jerk pineapple ribs program

  1. Season ribs with pepper and garlic salt to taste. Apply generous amount of Jamaican jerk spice to all sides..
  2. Grill on low to get a crust on both sides. Just enough to grt grill marks about 10 min..
  3. Take off grill. Pour pineapple and juice on bottom of deep pan for oven and lay ribs on top of pineapple. Put foil over top and seal tightly. Bake on 200 for 2.5 hrs making sure you turn every 30 min..
  4. Take ribs out of pan and set on cutting board let rest 20 min or so do not cut yet or you will lose juice..
  5. Slice into sections and then put back into pan with juices..
  6. Enjoy juicy ribs..
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