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Deals S’mores pudding cups discount. Try Drive Up, Pick Up, or Same Day Delivery. Plus you need to make this dessert ahead of time so it is great for serving at a party. I am a lover of pudding.

S’mores pudding cups America's favorite summer dessert…without having to start a campfire! This pudding cups make with Oreos and graham cracker crumbs are just perfect.. These delicious little s'mores cookie cups have been a hit on the blog ever since they were posted. You work broiling mull S’mores pudding cups applying 3 method together with 3 including. Here you are do a bang-up job.

compound of S’mores pudding cups

  1. You need of Chocolate pudding.
  2. add of Marshmallow cream.
  3. then of crackers.

Everything you love about s'mores but in a miniature cookie cup with a graham cracker cookie base, toasted marshmallow, and melted milk chocolate. S'Mores Pudding - Your favorite campfire snack is now available as a ready-to-eat treat. Hersheys SMores Pudding is a delicious and sweet snack thats layered with real Hersheys COCOA and marshmallow flavor. Sprinkle on a layer of the crumbled graham crackers and then a layer of marshmallows.

S’mores pudding cups technique

  1. Make your pudding and let set up.
  2. Put crackers in a plastic bag and smash.
  3. When the pudding is set start layering gram crackers, pudding and marshmallow cream in a cup. Make as much or as little as you would like..

Repeat with another layer of each. Summer is upon us which means it's S'mores time! Get those skewers and barbecue out. This S'mores Pudding Cup has gooey marshmallows with melted Hersey chocolate, crushed graham crackers and chocolate pudding. This is one yummy dessert cup.


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