Recipe: Delicious Kuppa Keerai (Mulai Keerai) PoriyalIncrease

Deal with Kuppa Keerai (Mulai Keerai) Poriyal discount.

Kuppa Keerai (Mulai Keerai) Poriyal You achieve roasting imbue Kuppa Keerai (Mulai Keerai) Poriyal proving 8 procedure moreover 8 steps. Here is how you conclude.

modus operandi of Kuppa Keerai (Mulai Keerai) Poriyal

  1. a little of Kuppa Keerai.
  2. a little of Gingelly oil (or any cooking oil).
  3. give of big onions chopped.
  4. a little of red chillies.
  5. use of rock salt.
  6. use of bow of shredded coconut.
  7. a little of mustard and dhal to fry.
  8. use of full hand of curry leaves.

Kuppa Keerai (Mulai Keerai) Poriyal process

  1. Take a large Kadai, heat it up with Gingerly oil..
  2. Add mustard and dhal, fry it. Add the red chillis cut into two. Add the curry leaves..
  3. Then immediately, add onion, fry it to it's golden colour..
  4. Add the rock salt and mix it..
  5. Now add the Kuppa Keerai till the Kadai fill. The quantity may seem so large, but when it's cooked, it will shrink..
  6. As the Keerai is being cooked and it shrinks. Add more Keerai and stir till it shrinks. Follow this until you add all the leftover Keerai..
  7. Now mix it; the Keerai will leave the water at the bottom. Cook it till the water is dried with the lid closed..
  8. Finally add the shredded coconut, mix it for few times. That's it..


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