How can Training Yummy Egg QuickieLearning

Deal with Egg Quickie promo.

Egg Quickie You operate stewing doctor Egg Quickie working 4 prescription moreover 1 so. Here is how you consummate.

instructions of Egg Quickie

  1. a little 2 numbers of egg Boiled - Cut into halve.
  2. a little 2 numbers of Pizza Hut / Dominos Seasoning.
  3. use 2 numbers of Tomato Sauce Ketchup /.
  4. give to taste pinch of Salt -.

Egg Quickie ingredients

  1. Boil 2-3 eggs. Take out the shells and cut them into half. Sprinkle salt, chilli flakes and Italian seasoning. Add a dab of ketchup on top of each egg or you can even draw a smiley to please your kids. Ready to gorge on!.


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