Easiest Way to Training Tasty Dry CustardThat works

Alleviate Dry Custard review.

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program of Dry Custard

  1. also 1/2 of kilogram mashed cake.
  2. a little 1 of Apple sliced.
  3. add 2 of Anjeer chopped.
  4. give 4 tbsp of Custard powder.
  5. add 5 tbsp of Sugar.
  6. add 2 cup of rasberry jelly.
  7. also 1 liter of milk.
  8. a little 1/2 cup of Almonds chopped.
  9. You need 1/2 cup of cashew nuts chopped.
  10. give 1/2 cup of pistachio chopped.

Dry Custard ingredients

  1. take 1/2 liter of milk and bring to boil, simultaneously in 1 cup of cold milk add custard powder and mix..
  2. In the boiling milk add sugar and custard mix. lower the flame Keep stirring for 5min slowly, so that no lump is formed..
  3. keep that mixture aside to cool..
  4. In a nice square shaped box ..create a layer of the mashed cake and press it using a spoon or ur fingers..
  5. on the cake layer add 1 cup of milk..
  6. on top of the milk add layer of apple and anjeer..
  7. add layer of cream or malai this is optional..
  8. now next layer are of the dry fruits..
  9. now layer of the custard mixture comes above..
  10. keep this to cool in refrigerator for 3 hrs ..
  11. After 3 hrs serve this with the toppings of the jelly..


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