Recipe: Perfect "Rule of 5" Prime RibQuickly

Achieve "Rule of 5" Prime Rib coupon code.

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prescription of "Rule of 5" Prime Rib

  1. You need of Prime Rib roast (bone in).
  2. This of garlic butter.
  3. then of Herbs of your choice.

"Rule of 5" Prime Rib gradually

  1. First preheat oven to 500°F. While that is warming up let's do the math. For this purpose we will use the roast I have here. It is 11.2 lbs..
  2. Let's do the math. 5 minutes per pound. 11.25 × 5 = 56.25 minutes. Now we round up to the nearest minute. So our time will be 57 minutes of cooking time.
  3. Now let's rub our roast with the garlic butter..
  4. Sprinkle with your desired herbs. Can be anything from salt and pepper, to a prime rib rub. Again your choice..
  5. Now we cook it in oven for exactly the calculated time. 57 minutes. Once the time has finished. Shut oven off. Set timer for 2 more hours. DO NOT OPEN OVEN. This is extremely important or it will not be cooked properly..
  6. Once the 2 hours has finished. Your roast is ready to serve. I debone it before cutting..
  7. IMPORTANT: The roast must be at room temperature before starting this process. It is recommended to leave roast on counter for approximately 6 hours..


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