How to Tutorials Tasty 优格排骨 Yogurt Pork RibsImprove

Bargain 优格排骨 Yogurt Pork Ribs in year.

优格排骨 Yogurt Pork Ribs You succeed baking steep 优格排骨 Yogurt Pork Ribs employing 8 technique along with 6 as well as. Here you are sew up.

instructions of 优格排骨 Yogurt Pork Ribs

  1. This of 排骨 Pork ribs (300g).
  2. give of 马铃薯 Potato (1-2).
  3. Prepare of 蒜米 Minced garlic (1 teaspoon).
  4. give of 优格 Yogurt (1 tablespoon).
  5. Prepare of 牛油 Butter (1 teaspoon).
  6. add of 番茄酱 Tomato sauce (1 tablespoon).
  7. a little of 白醋 Vinegar (1 teaspoon).
  8. use of 盐 Salt, 胡椒粉 Pepper powder.

优格排骨 Yogurt Pork Ribs modus operandi

  1. 用牛油,少许盐和胡椒粉腌排骨5分钟 Marinate pork ribs with butter, small pinch of salt and pepper powder for 5mins.
  2. 把腌好的排骨放入气炸锅,炸15分钟 Air-fry the marinated pork ribs for 15mins.
  3. 马铃薯切小片,撒少许盐和胡椒粉 Cut potato into small pieces, add small pinch of salt and pepper powder.
  4. 气炸马铃薯15分钟 Air-fry potato for 15mins.
  5. 炒香蒜米,加入混合酱料(优格,番茄酱,白醋) Fry minced garlic, add mixed sauce (yogurt, tomato sauce and vinegar).
  6. 加入排骨和马铃薯翻炒 Stir-fry with pork ribs & potato.


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