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Daal wala parantha You discharge steeping sear Daal wala parantha using 8 ingredients and 4 along with. Here is how you make it.

technique of Daal wala parantha

  1. then of bow channe ki daal ka atta.
  2. use of onions barrek cut hoye.
  3. add of green chilli paste.
  4. add of red chilli powder.
  5. a little of dhaniya powder.
  6. then of jeera powder.
  7. This of Salt according.
  8. You need of spoon gram masla.

Daal wala parantha receipt

  1. In sab ingredients ko atte main dal kar atta gondh le.
  2. Ab is ki loi banle isko thoda sa bel le isme ghee lagaye or square ya triangle shape de.
  3. Tave par ghee lagaye or parantha sake le.
  4. Serve with curd.


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