Recipe: Yummy Egg vegetable RollInstructions

Bonus Egg vegetable Roll special.

Egg vegetable Roll You take care of business stewing french fry Egg vegetable Roll accepting 19 ingredients together with 4 moreover. Here you go cook.

technique of Egg vegetable Roll

  1. give of maida.
  2. Prepare of pani.
  3. also of ande.
  4. also of Tea spn salt.
  5. This of spn oil.
  6. also of For stuffing.
  7. This of cup shimla mirch lambi kati hui.
  8. add of cup gajar lambi kati hui.
  9. Prepare of cup Band gobhi barik kati hui.
  10. add of cup pyaz barik kati hui hari pyaz bhi lesakte hen.
  11. a little of tea spn namak.
  12. add of Tea spn sirka.
  13. also of spn soyasouse.
  14. also of spn chicken powder.
  15. You need of tea spn taza pisi kali mirchen.
  16. use of Tea spn safaid mirchen.
  17. add of spn oil.
  18. You need of For frying.
  19. give of spn oil.

Egg vegetable Roll little by little

  1. Ande main namak dal kar phent lein ab maida or pani dal kar garah paste bnalen. Dhak kar 10 mints chor dein..
  2. 2 tbl spn oil Main pyaz saute karein ab shimla mirch gajar dal kar saute Karen ab band gobhi dal kar saute karein total 3 mints saute karna hai vegetable cranchi rehni chajyen ab namak kali safaid mirch chicken powder sirka soyasouse dal kar mix Karen or flam off kar ke thanda krlen..
  3. Ab ek non stick Pan Main 1 tbl spn oil dal kar mede ka paste thora sa dal kar phela dein jese Pan cake bnate hn 1 mint Main nikal kar stuffing kar lein or roll bnalen..
  4. Ab tawe par 1 tbl spn oil dal kar rolls ko Golden fry karlen dono taraf se. Tyar hen yummy healthy Egg vegetable Roll..


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