Recipe: Perfect BOMBOLINI (Italian Donuts with Vanilla Pastry Cream)🇮🇹Solve

Biggest BOMBOLINI (Italian Donuts with Vanilla Pastry Cream)🇮🇹 in year.

BOMBOLINI (Italian Donuts with Vanilla Pastry Cream)🇮🇹 You bring about frying roast BOMBOLINI (Italian Donuts with Vanilla Pastry Cream)🇮🇹 employing 19 modus operandi as well as 4 together with. Here you are fulfill.

ingredients of BOMBOLINI (Italian Donuts with Vanilla Pastry Cream)🇮🇹

  1. Prepare of ✨Bombolini Dough✨.
  2. This 130 g of Warm Milk.
  3. You need 1 tsp of Dry Yeast.
  4. a little 1 of Egg + 1 Yolk.
  5. Prepare 1 tbsp of + 1/2 tsp Sugar.
  6. a little 1/2 tsp of Salt.
  7. use 290 g of Flour.
  8. add 1 of qt- 1 Liter Oil For Frying.
  9. use of ✨Cinnamon & Sugar Mix✨.
  10. also 2 tsp of Ground Cinnamon.
  11. This 2 Cups of Granulated Sugar.
  12. This of ✨Vanilla Pastry Cream✨.
  13. then 100 g of Sugar.
  14. then 1 tsp of Vanilla extract.
  15. a little 1 Cup of Milk.
  16. add 1/2 Cup of Heavy Whipping Cream.
  17. give 3 of Egg Yolks.
  18. This 33 g of Cornstarch.
  19. also 14 g of Butter.

BOMBOLINI (Italian Donuts with Vanilla Pastry Cream)🇮🇹 step by step

  1. In a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, add lukewarm milk then sprinkle dry yeast on top and leave it aside to activate. In 5 minutes, add sugar, eggs, salt, flour, and butter. Place your dough in your mixer and knead the ingredients until it is firm and smooth. Using your hands, shape it into a ball. Place it in a lightly greased bowl covered with plastic film. Let the dough rest in warm spot for an hour and fifteen minutes or until it doubles in size..
  2. To make the vanilla pastry cream, add half of the milk and sugar to a pot, then bring to a simmer over medium-high heat. In a small bowl, place corn starch, egg yolks, vanilla extract and the rest of the milk and the whipping cream. Mix well over low heat until thickened. Then add unsalted butter into the pastry cream and mix well. Keep it refrigerated until the pastry cream is completely chilled..
  3. Divide the dough into 12 even pieces. Form each piece into balls by using the palm of your hand and rolling until a compact ball is formed. Place your donuts and cover them with a dish towel, until they double in size. Place the frying oil into a large pot and heat it to 350°F (180°C). Fry the Bombolini for 2 minutes on each side..
  4. Remove the Bombolini from the oil when they turn golden brown in color. Place them on a baking rack to cool for 2 minutes then proceed to roll the Bombolini with the cinnamon sugar mix. Finally, fill each Bombolini with the chilled vanilla pastry cream. Make a small hole on the side of each donut and inject the pastry cream into each donut..


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