How do i Treat Delicious Chicken Soup using Pressure CookerImprove

Brand new Chicken Soup using Pressure Cooker pre-owned.

Chicken Soup using Pressure Cooker You complete sizzling toast Chicken Soup using Pressure Cooker practicing 12 procedure along with 4 together with. Here you go finish.

method of Chicken Soup using Pressure Cooker

  1. add of Base Soup.
  2. a little 4 pcs of chicken thighs/full legs.
  3. use of Onion, slice thin.
  4. You need of Carrots.
  5. This of Ginger powder.
  6. use of garlic powder.
  7. then of Additional Stuffing.
  8. give of wood ear mushroom.
  9. use of chinese white cabbage.
  10. a little of sellery or cilantro.
  11. use of spring onion.
  12. Prepare of tomato.

Chicken Soup using Pressure Cooker program

  1. Put the chicken inside the pressure cooker, cover it with water. Add ginger powder, garlic powder, onions, and carrots. I don't add any seasoning on this step. Cook for 30 minutes inside the pressure cooker and turn off the stove..
  2. Once you can open the pressure cooker, the soup base is still boiling hot, add the seasoning. A basic salt and pepper will do. Test the taste and adjust as you want..
  3. Add the additional stuffing on the next step. I like to add wood ear mushroom. On this step, I like to turn on the stove again, just to make sure that the mushroom is well cooked. The vegetables only need a short time to cook..
  4. Stir the soup, last taste test. Turn off the stove and enjoy the [email protected]


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