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Carrot Cup Cakes You go for it steeping barbecue Carrot Cup Cakes employing 5 prescription as well as 7 so. Here is how you make it.

compound of Carrot Cup Cakes

  1. use of Carrot (or pulp of carrot).
  2. also of Pancake Mix Flour.
  3. a little of Eggs.
  4. use of Sugar.
  5. a little of Olive Oil (or Salad Oil).

Carrot Cup Cakes compound

  1. Grate the carrot..
  2. Put the eggs and Sugar in a bowl and mix until well combined..
  3. Add the Olive oil (or Salad Oil) and the grated Carot. Mix until will combineted..
  4. Add Pancake Mix Flour and mix well..
  5. Put paper cases in a Cup Cake Tray. Put the dough in the cup cases evenly..
  6. Bake it in an Oven preheated to 160 degree for approx. 30 minuets..
  7. When it is finished, make sure whether you baked it with a bamboo skewer. If it is not baked, bake for an additional 10 minutes..


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