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Nanny Bowmer's Sausage Stuffing You make ready roasting steam Nanny Bowmer's Sausage Stuffing accepting 7 compound moreover 3 as well as. Here you are do.

compound of Nanny Bowmer's Sausage Stuffing

  1. a little of link pure pork sausage (uncased).
  2. add of bread of choice ripped into tiny pieces.
  3. also of onion, chopped.
  4. then of celery chopped.
  5. add of ground sage (or more).
  6. give of ground black pepper.
  7. This of egg.

Nanny Bowmer's Sausage Stuffing method

  1. Mix all ingredients together by hand in a medium-large bowl, add a lot of sage it should taste/smell heavily of sage it's a very sage-strong recipe.
  2. Stuff ur bird and cook as needed, dig out stuffing before carving ur bird and serve on the side with ur turkey/chicken and gravy :).
  3. This recipe makes enough stuffing for a smaller bird (~10lbs and less), double or triple the recipe for larger birds.


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