Recipe: Appetizing Sextuple chocolate coconut caramel browniesEasy

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compound of Sextuple chocolate coconut caramel brownies

  1. also of large bag sweetened flaked coconut, toasted if you can find it that way.
  2. This of coconut milk (replaces water from brownie instructions).
  3. a little of Hershey syrup (replaces water from brownie instructions).
  4. then of oil (from brownie instructions, but half, due to fat in coconut milk).
  5. give of eggs (from brownie instructions).
  6. use of cocoa powder.
  7. a little of Ghirardelli tripe chocolate brownie mix (Costco sells boxes of six).
  8. then of chocolate chips (Nestle is different than the Ghirardelli chips in the mix, for variety).
  9. also of bag Kraft caramel bits.
  10. You need of small bag sweetened flaked coconut.
  11. also of bags Werthers caramels.
  12. This of sweetened condensed milk.

Sextuple chocolate coconut caramel brownies step by step

  1. Skip this step if you were able to buy toasted coconut. Toast the large bag of coconut. This can be done on the stove on medium heat in several batches -- use a curved-side pan and both stir and flip often to avoid burning. Or use the oven at 325 for slightly less-interesting, but much more reliable results; it will take 20-30 minutes, but check and stir every five minutes or so..
  2. Put the coconut milk, Hershey syrup, oil, eggs and cocoa powder in a large bowl and mix well with a fork or whisk..
  3. Put the brownie mix in your largest bowl, pour the liquid over it and mix with a large strong spoon. It will shrink a little as you mix it, and then you'll have more room to add the chocolate chips, caramel bits and non-toasted coconut. Mix those in. Split into two 9x13 pans and cook according to the mix directions, but it will probably need a little extra time..
  4. Cool..
  5. Melt the caramels with the sweetened condensed milk over medium heat, stirring constantly with a silicon scraper spatula. When it's smooth, mix in all but around 2 cups (don't bother to measure) of the toasted coconut. Spread out over the two pans of brownies and then sprinkle the remaining toasted coconut on the top to make it not quite so sticky..
  6. Cool..


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