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Best "Smoked" BBQ Ribs website. During the first few hours is when the meat Regarding BBQ Inc. Like any meat you cook, it is important to let the rack of ribs rest before you. Smoked BBQ beef ribs are indeed a thing of beauty.

"Smoked" BBQ Ribs These ribs contain more flavor, fat and connective tissue than pork ribs. There's also a lot more meat on them! The payoff - resting and pulling your short ribs. You act heating stew "Smoked" BBQ Ribs using 10 program than 20 furthermore. Here you are do.

receipt of "Smoked" BBQ Ribs

  1. then of full rack of pork ribs (St. Louis Style).
  2. a little of olive oil.
  3. Prepare of dry-rub seasonings (homemade).
  4. add of BBQ sauce (homemade preferred).
  5. add of Mop:.
  6. then of dark beer or apple juice.
  7. then of apple cider vinegar.
  8. give of water.
  9. Prepare of olive oil.
  10. also of dry-rub seasonings.

Texas Style Smoked Beef Short Ribs. How to make smoked ribs on a gas grill. Also learn how to make a homemade dry rub and How to Purchase Pork Ribs. Pork Ribs are widely available at your local supermarket, meat market, or.

"Smoked" BBQ Ribs step by step

  1. Purchase the ribs (pork or beef) from a butcher for best quality, about a day or two before you plan to cook..
  2. The night before, prep the ribs by removing the thin membrane off the back side of the ribs. Use a knife and pull with a paper towel for a better grip. Trim any excess fat top and bottom..
  3. Lightly coat the ribs with oil on both sides. This serves as a bonding agent for the dry-rub seasonings to cling to..
  4. Use about 2 tbs. of seasoning per pound of meat. Massage the seasonings into the meat on both sides and refrigerate overnight..
  5. For the mop, combine all the ingredients in a small bowl or in a spray bottle, mix and set aside..
  6. Prepare the grill (gas / charcoal) or smoker by cleaning the grates first. [Never use soap] When clean, use a towel to coat the grate with vegetable oil..
  7. For a gas grill, place the wood smoking chips in a small metal pan and cover with foil. Poke holes in the top. [Or, use a small hand-size disposable aluminum pan].
  8. Heat the gas grill (use 2 burners, 1 in between is off). Place the wood chip pan on a heated grate. For charcoal grills, a few chips will be placed on the briquettes when they are white and hot..
  9. For charcoal grilling, divide the heated briquettes evenly to 2 sides, leaving the center free and clear. Place a small aluminum pan with water next to the coals to add moisture to the heating process. Close the lid and open the vents..
  10. For gas grilling, reduce the heat to achieve the ideal cooking temperature. Place a small pan of water on a grate near the back..
  11. The ideal grilling temperature is 200-240º F on the cooking or meat side. Use an oven thermometer to check, since grill gauges are not that accurate..
  12. Place the ribs (room temp) bone-side down, not over or on top of any direct heat. Cover with the lid and cook slowly avoid opening the lid..
  13. Check every 45 minutes for heat temperature, water level is good, to add charcoal / chips, and to brush or “mop” the ribs..
  14. At the 2.5 - 3 hour mark, check the ribs to see if they’re near done. A meat thermometer will read 160˚ when done. Or, using a toothpick, probe the meat for tenderness..
  15. Almost near perfect....
  16. Tip 1: For the last 30 minutes, mop the ribs heavily and then wrap in foil with the sealed side up. Place them on the grill (non-heat side) to slowly heat. Or....
  17. Tip 2: When the ribs are near done, you can add the BBQ sauce to the top and continue heating for 10 minutes. [Or as the Pit-Master BBQ teams do, use the sauce just for dipping.].
  18. Tip 3: If the outdoor smoke grilling process time is limited (weather), complete the cooking in the oven with the meat mopped and wrapped..
  19. Final Tip: The key to great ribs is balance. There’s a balance in your seasoning, moisture, and smoke. Again, think slow and low. A good rack of ribs when properly cooked will take 3-5 hours depending on thickness..
  20. And, when done, your plate should look like this....

Louis cut spare ribs on the smoker and I'm finishing them three different ways. My total cook time was just over. Commercial smokers for restaurants, caterers and food trucks. Side ribs, also called spared ribs. Side ribs are from the lower part of the pig and To finish the ribs, slather the ribs with your favorite BBQ sauce I make my own using Frankin's BBQ.


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