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Dependable Roasted Prosciutto Fruit Cups special.

Roasted Prosciutto Fruit Cups You take on toasting coddle Roasted Prosciutto Fruit Cups testing 10 process as well as 9 as well as. Here you are put it over.

technique of Roasted Prosciutto Fruit Cups

  1. Prepare of Apples (small diced).
  2. Prepare of pear (small diced).
  3. add of Okinawa yam.
  4. also of sliced Prosciutto.
  5. give of twigs fresh Sage.
  6. use of limes (juiced & zest).
  7. a little of Sliced Ginger.
  8. use of butter.
  9. a little of Rosemary (fresh).
  10. add of Salt Tt.

Roasted Prosciutto Fruit Cups little by little

  1. Get slices of prosciutto and shape them into a cup into a muffin tray.
  2. Set oven to 375° and put prosciutto into oven for 7 mins or until solid.
  3. Get butter and melt then add sage and ginger to butter.
  4. Let simmer and butter absorb sage and ginger then add chopped pear / apple / yam to butter and saute till soft but leave crunchy middle.
  5. Grab a Chinois cap and strain the contents.
  6. Juice 1 lime and zest 2 full limes.
  7. Add lime mixtures to fruit to taste.
  8. Grab prosciutto cups and add fruiy mixture, garnish with fresh rosemary twigs and a tiny pinch of salt.
  9. Enjoy!!.


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