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Buy Cantonese dry aged pork belly promo code. Cantonese Roast Pork Belly, or siu yuk (bah…my Cantonese is terrible…slash nonexistent), is getting added to our compendium of roast meats that can usually be found in your average Chinatown restaurant window. After already posting recipes for Soy Sauce Chicken, "White Cut" Chicken, Roast. Nothing beats a good roast pork belly.

Cantonese dry aged pork belly For me, it doesn't need any condiments to go along with it, but for some, they'd prefer it with either chili sauce or mustard. It was a glorious, beautifully crafted specimen of pork belly confit, originally created by the Thomas Keller of whom I almost always, agree with. Flip the pork belly over, use a foil paper to wrap the meat part. You do ones thing grilling spoil Cantonese dry aged pork belly accepting 8 modus operandi together with 6 furthermore. Here is how you do the trick.

compound of Cantonese dry aged pork belly

  1. add 4 lbs of pork belly cuts.
  2. You need 150 ml of San-J Organic tamari sauce.
  3. add 50 ml of Lee kun kee dark premium soy sauce.
  4. give 50 ml of Shaoxin rice wine.
  5. a little 50 ml of Rum.
  6. use 120 g of brown sugar.
  7. then 60 g of sea salt.
  8. use 20 g of Sichuan peppercorn.

This is to keep the moisture of the meat when we air dry the whole pork belly in the fridge later. In Cantonese cuisine, pork belly wind drying after marinating in mixed soy sauce mixture(this vision is Cantonese). In central China like Hubei and Hunan, people just use salt as a During this time, slice the pork belly into thin long strips and rinse to remove any dirt. Then dry it with kitchen paper.

Cantonese dry aged pork belly prescription

  1. In a large cast iron wok, sauté sea salt until light brown on low heat. Add Sichuan peppercorn and keep stir until aromatic for about 1 min..
  2. In a medium sauce pan, dissolve toasted salt and Sichuan peppercorn and brown sugar in heated Soy sauce mixer. Once dissolved, turn off the stove and wait until the mixture cools down. Add wine and liquor..
  3. Marinate pork belly slice in the brine juice for 48 hours at room temperature..
  4. Hang the belly up to dry cure for at least 30 days and it could be up to 2 months depends on the thickness of your cuts. During cold dry days, it's best to hang them outside in a place where there's no direct sun. During raining warming winter days, it's all right to hang in heated room as long as the air is not too moist. Refrigerator curing may work but I think it will take longer time and it will use up your storage space..
  5. The left piece is dry cured for 48 hours and the right piece was just hang right after marination..
  6. All seasonings I used..

Pork belly is the cut where bacon originates and is quite heavy in fat. But the extended time that this Japanese-style braised pork belly is simmered with ginger and scallions reduces the fat in the finished dish. Cantonese-Style Braised Pork Belly With Red Fermented Bean Curd. You have roasted pork, roasted duck, roasted chicken, BBQ'd pork, BBQ'd duck, BBQ'd chicken and sometimes even innards of sorts, all covered in a Out of all the meaty goodness, the most tantalizing is the roasted pork belly, also known as Thit Heo Quay in Vietnamese or Siu Yuk in Cantonese. Another thing I wanted to check off the to-cook-list.


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