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Mike's EZ Diablo Scorpion Jam You fulfill baking fry Mike's EZ Diablo Scorpion Jam using 15 method together with 2 steps. Here is how you cook.

instructions of Mike's EZ Diablo Scorpion Jam

  1. add of Scorpion Strawberry Jam [yields 2 15 oz mason jars + slight reserves].
  2. a little of 18 oz Jars Quality Strawberry Jam [this will save you time - i use smuckers preserves].
  3. add of Trinadad Scorpion Peppers [seeds left in].
  4. Prepare of Ghost Chilies [seeds left in].
  5. also of Extra Large Jalapeños [seeds pulled due to high seed count].
  6. a little of Red Pepper Flakes.
  7. Prepare of Green Bell Peppers [packed tight and high - seeds/membranes removed].
  8. You need of White Onions [packed tight and high].
  9. give of Kitchen Equipment.
  10. then of Pair Plastic Gloves [required].
  11. then of 15 oz Mason Jars.
  12. add of Pot.
  13. also of Blender.
  14. This of Options.
  15. use of Fresh Strawberries.

Mike's EZ Diablo Scorpion Jam process

  1. ● Chop veggies [while wearing your gloves!] and place in blender with jelly. ● Don't over blend. You'll want some chunks. ● Place jelly in pot and simmer for 10 minutes on medium. ● Pour hot jelly into 2 large - clean Mason Jars and seal them tightly. ● Refrigerate until chilled and firmed..
  2. ● Serve on bagels with cream cheese, peanut butter or, fluffy biscuits with butter. I personally reccomend peanut butter. It's a fantastic medium! ● Also, have chilled whole milk or any cream based popsicle at the ready to cool off temperamental mouths. I hope you enjoy this jam - ya little devils!.


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